I’m an athlete and coach based in Vienna, Austria.

I’ve been working in the food industry for over a decade aswell as for over 5 years as a coach for strength and conditioning. My focus is to create long lasting changes not only physically but also mentally.

I work with female and male high level athlets and everyday people who seek to improve their training or body composition.

Additionally I seek to advance not only individual lifes but also to creat a better future for our planet.

My coaching and life approach are deeply interwined with a sunstainable approach for our physical, mental and enviromental life.


Martina Lang, BA MA



Austrian Nationalteam


◾️2 university degrees
◾️Different Nutrition degrees
◾️A million movement analyses
◾️Over 300 articles written
◾️10000 recepies created
◾️2 book publications
◾️100+ food and cooking lectures/courses
◾️20+ food art exibitions
◾️ my own pop up restaurant
◾️A trillion supportive emails
◾️Billions of photos and films .
◾️ Started my own company and current growing buisness


2019 EM Bench Only 5. Place, August Luxembourg

2019 Gold Medal 1. Bench Only Nationals, Austria, March

2018 EM Powerlifting Kaunas, Lithuania, December

2018 National Powerlifting Championship, Austria, October

2018 WM Powerlifting, Canada-Calgary, June

2018 Austria National Team Athlete Powerlifting

2018 Austrian Powerlifting National 3., Austria -Vienna, December

2017 Novists Powerlifting Prize of Vienna 1. Place, July

2017 Weightlifting Vice National Champion, May

2017 Weightlifting Champion Vienna, November

2016 Weightlifting Vienna Champion, December

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Food & Training Concepts


Food and Performance Concepts

Training and Lifestyle Plans

Strength and Conditioning Plans

Weightlifting Instructor

Headcoach Crossfit Vienna 2016-2019

Crossfit Level2

Fitness Trainer

Culinary Art Chef

MA - Art&Science -

BA - Media Science