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A creative, decisive woman who knows how to work hard and live happy

1988 born in Graz, Austria - moving since 29 years
2009 Vienna Culinary School
2014 Bachelor TF & Media Science, University of Vienna
2016 Master of Art & Science,                              University of Applied Arts Vienna
2014-2016 langsamfood & supper clubs
2016-2018 currently Headcoach Crossfit Vienna              2018 Austria National Team Powerlifting    



Photo by Jackie Thode


Weichlifting Champion Vienna 2016
Weightlifting Vice National Champion 2017                                                        
Weightlifting Champion Vienna 2017                                                                                                                                                                  Prize of Vienna Winner, Powerlifting 2017                                                     
Austrian Powerlifting National 3. 2017                      
Austria National Team Athlete Powerlifting 2018
Austria highest League Weightlifting Team 2018